Case File Update: Fulham FC and the Missing Goals

Last month, I wrote an article exploring Fulham’s under performance of their Expected Goals (xG) stats. In that article, written after Fulham’s 18th game of the season (vs Manchester Utd), we noted that Fulham had only scored 75% of the goals expected by the Statsbomb xG model. Many commentators, including Scott Parker himself, have noticedContinue reading “Case File Update: Fulham FC and the Missing Goals”

The Case of the Fulham FC and the Missing Goals

Fulham have struggled for goals this season, with just 15 scored in the league so far (writing after the Man Utd game). This puts them tied with West Brom for 17th in the goal scoring charts and indeed only Burnley and Sheffield United have scored fewer. But the stats suggest Fulham should be doing much betterContinue reading “The Case of the Fulham FC and the Missing Goals”

November: The State of Play (Defence)

This is the second ‘State of Play’ (SoP) update I have written about the Fulham defence. In the last one which was produced as at the end of gameweek 3, there were a lot of problems facing Fulham defensively: Fulham had lost all three matches, They were conceding an average of 3.33 goals per gameContinue reading “November: The State of Play (Defence)”

Right Wing: Fulham’s new problem position

Following the closure of the transfer window, it seems Fulham have now strengthened in a number of areas which were previously considered weak-spots (e.g. full-back, centre-back). One area which has not obviously been strengthened is right-wing, it is a position with no shortage of candidates, but the available players are mostly either those who didContinue reading “Right Wing: Fulham’s new problem position”

Match Preview: Fulham vs West Brom

Summary This is a review of some of the key performance data for Fulham and West Brom this season ahead of their upcoming fixture on Monday 2nd November 2020. As usual I will start with the key conclusions and leave the detailed underlying numbers further down the page for those who want to explore them.Continue reading “Match Preview: Fulham vs West Brom”

September: The State of Play (Defence)

This post is a follow up to one written earlier in the week which looked at Fulham’s attacking statistics: you can read that here if you missed it. The focus of this piece is the defensive stats related to the first 3 gameweeks of the Premier League, ie up to and including Fulham’s defeat againstContinue reading “September: The State of Play (Defence)”

September: The State of Play (Attack)

This is the first in what will become a series of articles summarising the detailed statistics that are available on sites like relating to Fulham and their performance in the Premier League. The objective here is look for outlier stats, things that suggest areas where Fulham are doing particularly badly (or well) to tryContinue reading “September: The State of Play (Attack)”

Parker’s Possession Problem

One characteristic of ‘Parkerball’ as played by Fulham this season, was domination of possession. Fulham averaged 61% possession this season (using sofascore based possession stats). They had the majority of the ball in 42 of the 46 regular season games, indeed the only Championship team’s to achieve similar numbers in thee last 3 years wereContinue reading “Parker’s Possession Problem”

The Rodak to Wembley

As I write these words I am still basking in the glow of Fulham’s glorious win at Wembley! Premier League football beckons and we Fulham supporters are all very excited to see whether the Whites will fare better under the pragmatic footballing philosophy of ‘Parkerball’ than we did the last time we were promoted. ExceedingContinue reading “The Rodak to Wembley”