Fulham FC: Season 2020/21 FFP assessment

This article relates to the recent publication of Group accounts for Fulham FC covering the 2020/21 season, the most recent unsuccessful premier league campaign.

The purpose of this article is to specifically consider the question of whether Fulham were compliant with Financial Fair Play (FFP) at the end of that season?

Who do Fulham Need To Sell? A Financial Analysis

In order to work out who Fulham might need to sell this summer, we need to know how much money they can afford to lose in the coming season. We can get a clue regarding how Fulham might perform financially next season by looking at the 2019/20 promotion campaign as a template. I previously estimatedContinue reading “Who do Fulham Need To Sell? A Financial Analysis”

Why Fulham’s FFP Position For This Season Might Be Better Than You Think…

This post is a follow-up to the one last week which set out my assessment of Fulham’s position against Financial Fair Play (FFP limits) as at the end of the 2019/20 season. This was based on the financial statements which were published early last month. This post will also go hand in hand with aContinue reading “Why Fulham’s FFP Position For This Season Might Be Better Than You Think…”

Fulham and Financial Fair Play

This is the first of a series of posts about the financial position at Fulham. It is prompted by the recent publication of the accounts for Fulham Football Leisure Ltd which cover the period up to the end of the successful 19/20 Championship promotion campaign. This post is focused on whether Fulham were compliant withContinue reading “Fulham and Financial Fair Play”

Fulham and their FFP position – a summary

This post contains an overview of the Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules applicable to Fulham. These are rules that have been put in place to constrain football club expenditure and prevent owners gambling football club’s solvency on short term / high risk investment strategies. This post also includes an estimate of Fulham’s position against theContinue reading “Fulham and their FFP position – a summary”

Fulham FC and Financial Fair Play

This post will be a bit of an introduction to the main financial constraint facing Fulham, the Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules. I think this is an area that is not widely understood and there are a number of complexities so I will try my best to give an explanation of how it works. IContinue reading “Fulham FC and Financial Fair Play”