Right Wing: Fulham’s new problem position

Following the closure of the transfer window, it seems Fulham have now strengthened in a number of areas which were previously considered weak-spots (e.g. full-back, centre-back). One area which has not obviously been strengthened is right-wing, it is a position with no shortage of candidates, but the available players are mostly either those who didContinue reading “Right Wing: Fulham’s new problem position”

September: The State of Play (Attack)

This is the first in what will become a series of articles summarising the detailed statistics that are available on sites like FBref.com relating to Fulham and their performance in the Premier League. The objective here is look for outlier stats, things that suggest areas where Fulham are doing particularly badly (or well) to tryContinue reading “September: The State of Play (Attack)”

Parker’s Possession Problem

One characteristic of ‘Parkerball’ as played by Fulham this season, was domination of possession. Fulham averaged 61% possession this season (using sofascore based possession stats). They had the majority of the ball in 42 of the 46 regular season games, indeed the only Championship team’s to achieve similar numbers in thee last 3 years wereContinue reading “Parker’s Possession Problem”